Campaign Values, Platform & Programs

Integrity, Transparency, & Leadership for the Future of Wake County

There are three values that must be in place to become a GREAT Sheriff, which are integrity, transparency and leadership. I possess all of these qualities and will utilize them to serve the citizens of Wake County as your future Sheriff. The Wake County Sheriff is a position of public trust that I will uphold and honor. Regaining the trust of the citizens in the Sheriff’s office and being responsive to their needs is very important to me and will be a top priority.

The Constitution of the United States has been the foundation of law enforcement for over 200 years. I will abide by the Constitution as will the officers that have been sworn to uphold it. I will NOT deviate from it. I am passionate about the Constitution and will abide by the laws of the land (including the 48-hour Immigration Custom Enforcement holds) with honor and dignity.

Public Safety

I will use my experience and dedication to the Wake County communities in a positive and transparent way by implementing an updated system to inform the communities of what is happening throughout the county. Enhancing and restoring the elderly phone and check on welfare services are imperative and will by established back into the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. The exploitation of the elderly and children will not be tolerated under my watch. Safety for our communities, family and children deserve the best that our services have to offer and should never involve a personal agenda. Implementing a liaison and round table council to communicate needs, complaints, compliments, or concerns between the citizens and the Sheriff’s office is a much-needed department and will be implemented and utilized to ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens.

Wake Citizen Corps

Involving the community and community leaders is a KEY component to my platform for Wake County Sheriff. 

To that end, I have created the Wake Citizen Corps Program. This program launched on February 1, 2022 and we are actively building this program in advance of my election as your next sheriff. 

Wake Citizen Corps Program
Click to Visit the Wake Citizen Corps Program Website


The budget for the Wake County Sheriff’s Office has many moving parts which all require funding. I will strive to plan both a responsible and conservative budget that will ensure that we are operating in the most efficient manner possible that meets the public’s needs. Grants are available that will assist the Sheriff’s Office in implementing new programs that fight against crime, such as drug and human trafficking, domestic violence, mental health issues and opioid abuse. Cooperating with local, state, and federal partner’s task forces to combat crimes will also assist with the budget.


The Wake County Sheriff’s Office will implement more training to the deputy’s in mental health and opioid abuse. This can be accomplished through education, awareness, and cooperation. A deputy that is properly trained can deescalate a situation that could become a serious event if not handled correctly.

Find out how you can help!

There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your community.

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